Warner Will Take the Government Forward


In the excitement of the People’s Partnership resounding the elections victory on the night of May 24, 2010, Prime Minister KamlaPersad-Bissessar, has continuously praised Jack Warner. The PM herself  has said, “Tonight I want to thank the chairman of the UNC Jack Warner…Jack Warner, thank you!” Her statements themselves state her knowledge of his capability in running Trinidad and Tobago.

Jack Warner is the best solution to moving forward with the UNC.Persad-Bissessarmay have taken the party as far as she could but Warner could make it work because he truly would be held accountable by everyone. He has the capability to take run a government successfully. He is a natural and true leader.

Jack was given strategic, lucrative, ministries, until he chose to resign, because he was always at the top of the heap. Governing calls for a different set of skills which are very clearly possessed by Warner. Those who are sitting in power at this moment of time owe plenty to Jack Warner and for them to sit back enjoy it and then turn around and criticize him shows how ungrateful they are. There is no greater political strategist today other than Jack. He understands cause and effects and can fix things at just the right time in just the right way.

Part of Warner’s visionis the health initiative. He said the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has found TT as the world’s sixth most obese nation, with 30 percent of adults being overweight. As MP he had held medical clinics at the constituency office, and had directed many persons to the major hospitals including specialists as required.

His initiative will provide a holistic, mobile healthcare service that would include doctors, dietitians, personal trainers, nurses and physiotherapists coming to homes or workplaces of the patients. This service is for everyone in Chaguanas West, from children to elderly bedridden patients.

As an individual who has held the post of Vice-President of FIFA, President of COCACAF and the National Security Minister, Warner has a very good experience to run a government.  And he will be a successful politician and will do well for Trinidad and Tobago when he wins the by-elections.


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