Jack Warner’s Stepping Stone to Success


Jack Warner has launched his own party to regain the Chaguanas West seat. The party is known as the Independent Liberal Party (ILP). Warner feels that he has been betrayed by the United National Congress (UNC), a party of which he was earlier a member.

The symbol of his party is the sugarcane next to an oil rig,enshrined by two circles. “The sugarcane represents our coming together from Africa and India and conjuring up images of the struggle from slavery to indentureship from which we have been emancipated and remains a solid remainder that never again will we be enslaved physically, mentally or politically,” Warner said.

Jack Warner said sugarcane and the oil rig represented the struggle and tears of the people of Chaguanas West. “The oil is the bloodline of our economy…and with sugarcane, the message is, our history will not be forgotten,” Warner said.

Warner said the party’s colour, green, embodied ideas associated with fertility, life and growth. It was the colour of beginnings, he noted.By associating with the colour green, his supporters were demanding a society with “less crime, less corruption, less immorality and much more integrity. Green, he underlined, “symbolises a people who are well balanced, in harmony and are of a sound mind, and represents good judgment and morality”.

Jack Warner is a disciplined, committed and responsible person.Jack Warner’s appeal and his ability to interact warmly with his constituents, many of whom he knows by name, is going to be the clincher! He is affectionate and kind and reflects a personality that is becoming of a public figure. He wants to do good deeds and that is his true asset. People of Trinidad and Tobago deserve an honest politician!


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